On my laptop, as I begin typing Amazon, up pops Amazon Prime, with the login and password screen pre filled..just ready for me to shop and shop and shop. I find myself thinking, gee, I need some more of that coffee I really like. I look it up in my orders history, and I buy it with just one click.

I didn’t have to get in my car,drive to the store and park. Parking lots here in Vero Beach are dangerous places to drive during high season, let me tell you.

I hate to admit that it’s just too easy to click a button and have a nice man or woman ring my doorbell in a couple of days, and poof, I have my coffee. I didn’t have to drive, I didn’t have to find a parking space, I didn’t have to cart in bags of groceries, I simply clicked..very lightly..click.

I do want to support local stores and jobs. I believe in that. I really do. But sometimes the lure of the click is just too hard to resist. I think I am not the only one.

One of my son Sam’s friends confessed on Facebook the other day that she actually ordered all of her groceries online. We only live less than a mile from the grocery store. It’s shameful, I know. But sometimes, when we are tired, or just have too much to do, having a clickfest for a few moments on Amazon is just so lovely.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, online shopping is no longer just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. People everywhere are taking advantage of the convenience of ordering anything — and I mean anything — and having it delivered right to their doorstep. In order to capitalize on this shift in lifestyle, retailers have taken to the e-commerce world and are setting new norms for online businesses across the globe.

And then there’s the combo shop. I just gave it that name. It means you can do all the shopping online, but drive over to the store to pick up your orders. It’s actually called “click and collect” method of buying goods online Don’t be surprised to see more stores picking up this trend from Wal-Mart, Kroger and Target.

I will still go to the grocery store. It’s kind of my treat. I get out of the house, meet new people, look and see what’s up in the world of groceries and then I pick the longest line and read all those trashy magazines. I read really fast and I am too cheap to pay 6 buck for something I can read cover to cover in the 10 minutes I stand in the check out line.

Social Cindy..ta ta for now

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