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Are you changing the way you do business in 2019? Haven’t even given it a thought? Well, perhaps this year, it’s time to tweak a few things.

I am betting you have already noticed this, but just in case it’s slipped by you, things are a little different now than they were a few years ago. More companies and workers are concerned about how they impact the environment and their communities. 

Big, powerful companies are taking a page out of the Green NoteBook and looking for ways to be more efficient in how they use energy, in how they impact the environment, and in their hiring practices.

Companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and more are experimenting with lower impact energy solutions to power their massive server farms. They are taking a hard look at who they hire. Most of these corporations have certain stereotypes at their helm, and hiring practices seem to follow the mold of their leaders. While I don’t see anything sinister in this rather limited practice, it doesn’t allow for a diverse set of outlooks within their corporate structure.

Some of these corporate leaders have been faced with a serious backlash over pay inequities. Never giving it much thought from their offices on high, it’s now reached their doorstep, and while some leaders feel forced to address these issues, there are those who are embracing these changes.

These changes range from eliminating gender and race pay discrepancies, offering benefits to women and men with families, and encouraging corporate acts of community service during working hours.

Why do this? Well, in some instances implementing strategies for energy efficiencies and such will save money. In other instances, doing things to be a more responsible entity on this earth is something that can serve to attract sought-after employees.


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