are websites useful?, are websites important? website and social media vero beach, social media blogger, vero beachHow do you get your website noticed? How do prospective customers know that you have great business savvy? You Blog..

I think so many people get confused about exactly what a blog is, so I will just say this. It’s a story. It can be fictional, it can be factual, it can be happy or sad, but it should be informative. For the most part, people think the only topics on their website are ones that pertain directly to their business. While there definitely should be some of those, let’s think outside the box for a moment.

I like to share things on my blog which might interest people, but perhaps isn’t just about websites, social media, and search engine rankings. In fact, my blog has started to garner enough traction so that I would like to share other things I find interesting and see if I can give it a life of its own someday, instead of merely being a tab on my website.

So, back to the point, getting your website noticed. How do blogs do that?  For one thing, as we write, we can tailor the words we use in a blog post to become what they call a long tail search word. For example, the first sentence in this particular blog is “How do you get your website noticed?” That is a long-tailed search word. One that a curious entrepreneur might use when trying to find ways to bring up the visibility of his or her site.

Blogs can also let people know what you know. Sharing is a wonderful tool you can use as a way to keep people coming back to your site time and time again.  Your blog lets those who might not know about you, your products, your services or your skills and just how much you know. Sometimes it even helps people who are just looking for a quick fix to a minor issue. And..when one of their friends asks for advice about that same issue, your blog will get shared. Thus gaining you a new person who will probably check your blog again.

That’s all for today, check back in and see what else we have for you.

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