I attended a networking meeting last week and a fellow website and social media marketer asked me an interesting question. He said, ” Which theme to you use for the sites you build at Social Cindy?”

At first I was confused. We don’t use “a theme“. At Social Cindy we purchased a whole family of different themes from Genesis. I believe the purchase included around 500 differing themes which we can use for various applications. While it’s much simpler to build all of the sites on just one theme, not every company’s offerings will show well on a generic theme. Instead, we try to use the theme which will best suit our client and their offerings.

We have also been called in to revamp other sites where the web developer has used fill in the blanks type of themes. I guess those are all right, but it seems a little like cheating to use a theme designed to build sites quickly  versus making a visually stunning theme that uses all the tricks of the trade to help it rank in the search engines.

At Social Cindy we also have different sizes of websites. Some companies just want a very simple site, a couple of pages, a blog and that’s it. Most of the time, this is the type of site our trades choose. Others need something a little bigger, for more content and offerings, so we build those as well. And then there are those who really need a good sized, very robust site, and so we offer those.

We do not build great big retail sites which require large data bases to support the site. Primarily we build for small to medium sized businesses.

If you search the keywords for your business, and you are not showing up on the first few pages of Google, give us a call. We will build a site with great SEO, ADA compliance and awesome appeal, on time and on budget.


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