People routinely name their businesses after themselves. Hint, Which is fine, but until you become a household name, no one, other than your Mom or a bill collector, is going to search for your name when they need something. They are going to search for what it is they need. That’s what’s known as keyword search.

I will give you an example, you are in the market for a really great realtor, you aren’t going to search for Sean Prescott, or Abbe Chane or Steve Rennick, you are going to search for Best darn real estate agent in Vero Beach. So, without further prompting from me, what do you think the name of your new real estate website should be?

I think I would choose!! But that’s just me.

The next thing your website is going to need is something we call a tag line. A one sentence description of what it is that you offer, or that you sell. You don’t need music, you don’t need a video, and for gosh sakes, if you’re a realtor, don’t make people sign in to get to your listings. These things are annoying and they drive traffic away from your site.

High Quality photos. We have talked about this before. Using family photos from your phone, just because you are sentimental about your sweet family dog, is NOT a great idea. Unless you are an extraordinary photographer. Your website needs large, but not too large, high quality photos, that relate to your products or services, and show people right away what it is you’re offering them.

Put your phone number right up front at the top of the site.  Make certain  your company address in the footer of each and every page, and make certain your enter your location on Google. If you move, update the information please.

Blog, Blog, Blog and Blog some more. If you hate writing, that’s okay, use your phone or your tablet and dictate your posts. You can then copy and paste that information into your blog post and voila, you are halfway there.

If you don’t want to do that, but you are at all photogenic (I am not), make a video. Find a quiet place to record a short video about something interesting that is going on with your company, or your market. When you are at Industry related events, or volunteering for a charity, do an Instagram or Facebook video.  Please, speak clearly, don’t mumble. If you’re nervous, breathe deeply and record the video several times, until your voice is clear, until your squeaky, high nervousness goes away.  Then post the video. And, you can repost videos  anytime you want.

The bottom line is this. Every website needs to be visually appealing, it needs to be easy to read and understand, it needs a clear point of contact and it needs to be promoted.


Social Cindy, over and out

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