When we were in the Tech Industry we installed and supported computer systems for all different types of industries.  Over a short period of time, we learned that no matter which type of business we were working for,  like most things in life, you only get out of your work, your professions, what you are willing to put into it

During the time that I was a Systems Analyst it was my job to observe how a company was currently handling their data, study their process, and show them ways things could be done more efficiently. If they liked what my team and I proposed, then we helped people migrate from old systems and programs, to newer, more efficient ones.how to make your phone righ, vero beach marketing, palm bay marketing

When you are taking something away from people who have become very familiar and comfortable with a product, or a way of doing things, you get resentment. There is also the inherent embarrassment that comes with learning a new system, caused by unfamiliarity with the new product. It’s all part of the game and over the years I have learned to take it in stride. But let me give you an example.

Recently we built what we thought was an amazing new website for one of our clients, the owners loved it, but everyone else they showed it to within the company hated it. Why?  Was our artwork sloppy? No. Were our graphics awful? No. We were heartsick, but it’s our job to give the customer what they want, so we pulled down the new site and built a brand new one that looked exactly like the old one. The good news is the new site now has all of the state of the art bells and whistles on the inside but the outside looks the same.  It will do a good job for them anyway, if the person looking for their products gets past the look of the site.

Besides the resistance to change, there is also the expectations companies have for how the new products will impact their bottom line. When the data analytics don’t give the results the end user is hoping for, there’s another term we used and that is Garbage In, Garbage Out.  In the tech world when what you put in is not right, or it’s garbage, then what you get out will be garbage. We  called GIGO for short.  

No matter what you assumed the impact of a new website or marketing campaign would be, should you not follow good advice,  should you choose to use your favorite photo of a family pet or an ugly fish on your site, and neglect to use your blog, not implement a social media campaign and put little effort or thought into who your target audience is,  things will not go as well as you might have liked. 

When I get asked how to keep a website ranking high in the Google Searches, I tell people to Blog. They can also hire me to blog, or purchase blogs on one of the freelance websites.The more you blog, on your site, using keywords that you want to be known for, the higher you will rank in the search engines. When you share your blog to all of your other social media outlets, you magnify the impact of that blog and it will drive more traffic to your site. 

That’s not a guess or a sales ploy, it’s a fact. I have proven it over and over again. Blog, use Facebook and other social media outlets and link to your site and you will move up. Stop blogging and you will fall because some other company with the same type of products IS blogging and using social media.


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