social media, facebook and blogs, and social media company in vero beachCan Social Media help in your business? I believe that answer is yes! Social Media can, and does, help your business get more business. How? Well, here are some ways I personally know of.

Facebook advertising. If you have even a small budget, advertising on Facebook will get you name recognition, and depending upon what your offer is, a pretty fair amount of business as well.

Facebook business also comes when people post questions about certain types of business and your company name comes up in the answer. For Example, yesterday in a group called September in Vero, people ask for plumbers, electricians, auto repairs and printers. If your business fans see those asks and post the name of your business, well, every member of that Facebook group is going to see others recommending your

Twitter is a great tool is you have specials and events you want to get out quickly to a large audience. But it’s very intense to manage and become successful at finding your voice, getting followers, sharing just the right information, but for some it works well. Let’s say you have a strong twitter following and its a slow day at your shop. Tweet out a special with the items on sale and the duration of the sale, and you may very well have a shop full of buyers within a couple of hours.

Instagram shops are now popping up and for the under 50 crowd, that’s a must have tool for connecting on social media. Unfortunately, it’s not a tool which has as much flexibility as Facebook and Twitter right now. It pretty much has to be managed from a mobile device, and unless you have someone on staff whose job it is to keep your Instagram running it could be difficult to manage effectively as a way to recruit more followers. However, you can still use it effectively as a tool for exposing your business by simply posting on a consistent basis, each day.

You Tube is expanding it’s reach and it has become one of the fastest growing search engines in use today. Video is the way to go. There are some great tutorials on You Tube about how to make and edit videos and how to drive traffic to them. They are also a great way to fill up your blog with powerful information. When you post a link to your latest You Tube video, make sure you insert the descriptive data in the alt text areas. Then on your You Tube channel, make certain to put a link back to your website. It’s a great way to get more power for your brand.

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