When I am out anywhere and people find out what I do, one of their first questions is, “How do I get my website to rank on the search engines?” My answer is, BLOG, then BLOG some more..then perhaps throw in a side of BLOG.

It’s also important to use categories and tags. I see expensive websites, not built by us, that use all manner of fill in the blank formats, and they don’t even have one category in their Category section. If you don’t tell the web what you are all about, how’s it going to know?

They also don’t use photos. Photos are a secret weapon for getting your site to rank. Don’t steal other people’s photos though, that will get you sued. FInd a site that offers copyright free photos, follow their rules for using said photos, or do what I do, purchase them. Make certain you use photos that relate to your topic. Then use them to increase your Google visibility by building keywords into the back end of the photos.

Spend some money. After people ask me how to fix their search engine rankings, the second question they ask is “How much does it cost?” I understand. I run on a pretty tight budget myself. Let me share something I think of when people say that. How much is ONE more deal worth to you? If I do something that causes one new customer to come into your shop, or call you up, how much does that customer typically end up spending? Is it $10? Is it $100? For some of our clients, one deal can be $5,000.

They are happy to pay us a few dollars a month to earn $5,000. 

Your website should be a proud, professional and engaging representative of your business. The more people see it, the better the chance one of them will buy your goods or use your services. Spend a little money each month, or if you have the time, spend that making sure people know you, like you and trust you.