local barter expert Liz Bowler, Treasure Coast BarterSocial Cindy has just begun working with Liz Bowler at Itex Barter and we are excited. Periodically, throughout the years, we have traded services with other companies versus paying for them. It usually works out pretty well, but after having heard Liz speak at several networking events here in the Vero Beach Area, I decided I wanted to find out more about how this all works.

It turns out that companies all over the US are part of ITEX Barter’s network! We are saving up our Itex points right now for a vacation. Here’s how it works.  I can use ITEX dollars, which I earn by selling their products and services to other ITEX members. The network of business members that offer a wide variety of products and services around the United States and Canada number about 23,000 and has been around for 33 years!

Treasure Coast Barter has a Member Base of close to 170 local members, and growing!! Our members have had websites built, buildings painted, advertised , attorney assistance, traveled the world, printed brochures, had pest control, purchased land or boats, camps for their kids, on and on, all using ITEX trade credits! 

The next time you attend one of Steve Glaser’s Meetings at the REgency in Vero Beach, Look for Liz and ask her about Itex Barter!


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