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Remember growing up and every family had a set of encyclopedias, those days are long gone.. We live in a world where people are more dependent on search engines like Google, People often tell me that it’s word of mouth and referrals that drive the majority of their business, but what they are forgetting is those same people who have contacted them have most probably done some research first. If the company doesn’t have a web presence, or they have a poorly designed website, it could be they passed on that company and moved on to the next. The power of websites have forever changed how information and businesses interact with customers and we need to keep up.

Today, people resort to the internet for resolving every day issues, like where to go shopping, deciding which restaurant to have lunch or choosing what food to order and much more like such.  Think about it, how many times have you gone to a restaurant that you only heard about on social media? 

We now spend time reading over the reviews of a shop or restaurant review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List etc. and then go on to buy products from or dine in. Even social media feedbacks via Facebook, Google+, Twitter are flooded with questions of best places to eat while traveling to this city or that.  We all do it.

We no longer go to the mall and window shop.  We spend our time on Slickdeal, Target, Kohl’s and Amazon with two-day delivery.  We sit at home with a simple computer and internet connection and visit the desired business website and browse through their range of products and other small businesses nowadays.  We’ve changed how companies do business and that’s the power of websites.

Customers no longer call or walk-in for hair or doctor appointments, instead they use scheduling software on websites or scheduling apps they download onto their smart phones.  We have moved to a digital life and every business needs to understand that without a website you will be left in the dark. So inevitably for a business, having an online presence that generates a compelling impression is axiomatically indispensable. The power of a website is that we can make sure that customers are getting a positive and credible impression of our business, which will result in the  establishment of  a relationship between customers and business.

All things to think about whilst you ponder whether your business really needs a website or not.

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