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Can your website help to make your business more successful? The answer to this question is YES. Well mostly yes. It’s  like that old adage, you get out of life what you put into it. Today, I want to address something that by now I would have thought people already understood. Websites and business. If you don’t have one, or you have an old tired one, then your business will most likely NOT be as successful as it could be.

Websites are ranked by the search engine according to how much they get used. The search engines want to know if this is an active, functioning website and does it engage people with interesting blogs, high quality pictures and social media. People who have paid big money, much bigger money than we normally charge, come to us saying, not only does my website NOT generate business for my company, people can’t even find it when they look for it. You would be surprised how often that happens.

Once we go in and tweak the site, adding built in SEO and more keywords to their pages, the sites will at least show up when searched for. If they go further and hire us to blog for them, the sites will quickly rise in the search engines.  WE usually begin by posting about a client’s local market. This will be a much easier way to get them to rank on the various search engines.  Once your site ranks for the local market, it’s easier to branch out and begin to go after a larger geographic area.

To return to my original question, websites can help your business, but if you are not careful to maintain them, keep them current and topical, they will not help your business. On the contrary, they will hurt it.

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