Both my partner Bill Fletcher, and I are members of local BNI Networking groups. Each of us has a travel agent in our respective BNI group, Kelly Bergstrom is in Business Builders of the Treasure Coast. Cheryl Livingston is in Power Partners of IRC. And my husband’s group also has  AAA Insurance Agent Nicholas Correa in his BNI group.

This week we were both excited to attend a special BNI Members Only Open House at the new AAA Office here in Vero Beach. We had a great time. The office is spacious and tastefully designed and the staff is top-notch.

We personally want to thank the AHMAZINNG Kelly Bergstrom and her equally amazing Kyle Bradfield, as well as Cheryl Livingston and Nick Correa for making sure we had a great time. We don’t personally know the rest of the staff, but Bill and I are both certain the people in the office are all good at what they do. If you would like to get to know them, their profiles are on their website at AAA,