website desing, blogging for websie traffic, vero beach website designer, how to make my website work for meYou have a website, you paid a pretty penny for it, and it’s not doing anything. It looks great, the content on your site is informing prospective customers about your products and services, and yet the phone isn’t ringing. What is wrong?

It could be there is just too much competition for the search terms you are trying to rank for. For example, Real Estate Agent. There are millions of Realtors in the United States. All of them want their phone to ring. Most of them don’t purchase and design their own websites, they simply used the one-page sites provided by their broker. Those sites don’t benefit the individual Realtor, they benefit the broker. If you are part of a Franchise, the site will benefit the Franchise, not you as a Realtor.

What we do for our Realtor clients is build them a site that doesn’t look just like all the other Realtor sites and we offer to work for them to build up their search engine rankings. One way we do that is to start local. Instead of using tags such as Realtor, or Real Estate Agent, we use Realtor Vero Beach or Real Estate Agent Vero Beach. Sometimes we drill down even further and feature different neighborhoods in the city. As more people find your site while they search for Ocean Drive Vero Beach, your rankings will improve because the search engines take note of increased activity. Over a relatively short period of time, your site will begin to rank for those broader terms like Realtor and Real Estate design and build, social media marketing blogging for your company

I am giving away trade secrets here but that’s okay. I like to share.  

It’s also important to have your information pushed out to the various social media outlets, so remember to build a professional Facebook Business Page,  and notify Google of your business and physical location. Asking your clients for reviews is also a great way to get known.

If all of this sounds like too much to do while you are trying to list and sell houses, not to worry, we are happy to take on these tasks.

In fact, we do exactly that for plenty of businesses besides Real Estate. We work for plumbers, cleaning services, pest control companies, mortgage lenders, attorneys, and more.

Social Cindy, at your service.