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I sometimes get a little nervous because there is SO much competition lately in our chosen career field. I attended a local networking luncheon, and there were no less than 5 other people claiming to be Digital Marketing Companies, Social Media Companies, Website Companies. There was even a gentleman who claimed he does it all and only charges $65.00 per month!! Wow on him.

I left early, shaking my head and thinking, man I can’t compete with that. BUT then…

I returned home, and after a chocolate adjustment break, I went to work on a site that I am taking over for a new client. I feel better now. At, we really do know what we are doing. If you come close to the screen, I will let you in on a little secret, most people who build websites don’t really understand them all that well. AND they still charge lots of money for them..I KNOW !! Shocking…

This particular site I just took over has all kinds of fill-in-the-blank page builders,  plugins that are activated but not working properly. There are no built-in tags and categories loaded on the site, so everything currently on the site will index as uncategorized.  Categories are what tell Google what keywords to index you for.  And let me tell you another secret, if you don’t tell the search engines what you are all about, they just let you float in space. They index the sites that are clean and give them good information. If you were a search engine, you would do the same.

“What is a good website? A good website is one that makes your phone ring!”

There are no blog posts on the site, therefore there are no photos, which should always be in each and every blog post. Each picture should also have keywords built-in. Remember, Google doesn’t have people’s eyes, at least not yet. You need to tell Google What those photos are showing people.

There are tools to boost SEO which we use. We build lots of juicy metadata into the site, and we load it up with several blog posts before we deliver the site.

We also make certain that anyone who purchases a website from us gets their own set of login and password credentials. We train them on how to use the site. We help them set the site up with hosting and everything is turned over to our clients once we complete the site.

When a company hires us to perform their blogging and social media, we also keep the site neat and tidy, back it up, and tune it up, No charge. I guess not everyone else does this.

So, if you are considering having a new website built, or just tuning up an older WordPress Site, come see us. We don’t charge an arm and a leg, and no, we won’t work for $65, but we will do a good job and you will have a sharp-looking, high-performing site when we are all done.


Social Cindy, at your service.