Kelsey BNI Sebastian, Graphic Artist, Wedding designs, invitations, place cards, business cards, logogGraphic Artist and Entrepreneur Kelsey has recently relocated to Sebastian Florida and joined our BNI group. As we work in complementary fields I thought it would be a good idea to invite her on our site to let you know what it is she does.

Kelsey is a creative, she loves to cook, dance, and decorate. In her words “there is no part of me that isn’t creative.”  Even as a child she was constantly drawing and painting. Her Mom had to string up lines for her to hang all of her paintings on.

 In high school she attended a school which catered to the arts. For a few years she put her artistic passions on the back burner, but they kept calling to her. Three years ago, she listened to her heart and Kelsie founded  Chickadee Designs.

While she is a full-service design business, designing for restaurants, small business, special events and even business brochures, at this time Kelsey is focusing her creative skills on Weddings and Events.  Kelsey is not only an artist and designer, she is also a photographer. She can create everything from ….
I think what differentiates Kelsey from other graphic artists is her desire to make her designs fit the company or event she is working on. In other words, Kelsey doesn’t come up with a concept or a design until she feels like she understands what it is her clients are trying to convey with their art.
She loves learning a business or person’s story. From talking to them, she finds out what drives people, or inspires them and from there, Kelsey goes on to create the materials with her client in mind.
We are excited to have her as a member of our BNI team and look forward to working with Kelsey on projects in the future.
When you get a moment, head on over to her Facebook Page, Chickadee Designs,  and check out some of her projects and designs. Welcome Kelsey! In the meantime, here are a few samples of her work for you to check out: