Here, at, we build some pretty awesome websites.  Webmanfletch spends countless hours scouring the web for hints on how to make the sites we build perform better than our competitors. Even after we build them and hand them off to our customers, he goes back and checks on them. We really take pride in the sites we build, and the majority of our customers are small businesses who really don’t always take our advice on how to keep their sites high in search rankings.  It gets discouraging sometimes, but what can we do?


For those who do take the time and resources to implement our suggestions, we say thank you and bravo!! Your sites are getting looked at, and they are ranking in the search engines.   I just found a post on content marketing and why everyone should be doing it. It’s not just us telling you, its other marketing professionals as well:

” 5- Content is King, and the King will reign

Content marketing has been a huge force in the online marketplace… and that influence won’t be waning soon. In fact, more organizations than ever are investing in content as a means to reach their customers.

That means that it’s going to be more challenging than ever to distribute your content in a content-saturated environment. How can you cut through the noise?

The best strategy to overcome this is to make sure your content strategy is nimble enough to succeed in multiple channels and mediums. People want to engage with different content in different ways… and possibly with different devices! I may want to watch a how-to video on my tablet, read a text guide on my desktop computer, or listen to a podcast on my phone. Is your content diversified enough to keep up?”

At Social Cindy, we know for a fact that blogging consistently and persistently works. It’s the most efficient way to load up your site with keywords and to get your content out there for years to come. Blogs have a way of getting momentum the longer they stay out there. I had a customer who stopped using our blog services for something that sounded much more glamorous. Two years later, after you couldn’t even find their site any longer, the only item that came up for their keywords was a blog post I had done on an older site three years before. They re-hired me on the spot.

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