WebsiteDesignSEOSocialMediI am so proud to say that Social Cindy has been in business for 10 years now. We have fought an uphill battle trying to convince business owners that websites are good for their businesses. But they are getting the message and we are building more websites than ever. Websites that are clean and uncluttered and elegant are our passion.  Not all of our customers see it that way, so sometimes we build websites that make our eyes hurt a little, because that’s is what our customers want. 

I am going to ak you, today, to do two things. First, pull up Google and search for your services and see if your website comes up. Anywhere? On page one? Page 10? Nowhere? Pick a couple different search terms and try again. If your website isn’t coming up, than you need to get that fixed.vero beach websites for attorneys, vero beach websites for builders, vero beach websites for tradesmen, vero beach websites for realtors

Next. Make a list of the websites which did show up for your search terms. Do those websites look similar to yours? Are they mobile sites? Do they have a clutter of information, or are they clean and clear? Then go back and look at your site. How does it compare to the ones you just looked like ? If your site looks dated and tired, its time for a new website.

Remember, even though much of your business is based upon referrals, what is going to happen is this. A friend will refer another friend and the first thing that friend of a friend is going to do it LOOK UP YOUR WEBSITE. Or perhaps that is the second thing they will do. The first think might actually be your Facebook Business Page.

Referrals are great, I love referrals, but I have heard people say, well maybe my friend likes the work those people did, but their website sucks. I am going to go with someone who cares about their business and their brand. Those are not my words, they are the words of potential customers.

If you have a website that is over 5 years old, was built by an old friend or by someone’s high school aged child, then give us a call. We have been doing this website thing for a while now, and we will build you a site which performs and makes you proud.

Social Cindy over and out.

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