Get your message out!!

Before we left California in 2012, we witnessed a spike in the belief level and activity by small business owners in the area of social media for their business.  It seemed they discovered right before our eyes that social media is the way to get the message out these days.  By the time we left, it seemed that each business owner was the proud owner of a very active set of social media profiles and they were on it when it came to posting the news of the day from their corner of the business community.

Unless I am mistaken, I am seeing the signs of a beginning of a similar spike here in Vero Beach, Florida.  We have met many business owners here who have already established themselves in Social Media, but we still meet many who resist.  I believe this is the year many of the resistors join the party.  I think one year from now, almost all businesses here in Vero Beach, will have the primary social media platforms, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn covered.   We predict they will be on it regularly sending their message out to the masses.

As with many technological advances, the early adopters seem to gain a lasting advantage.  Our recommendation for all business owners is to get the jump on your competitors.  If you have the desire but not the resources to compete on your own please remember that Social Cindy provides social media management for those who don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves.  Don’t worry, its affordable, in fact its so affordable that you really can’t afford not to.  For more information about social media management for your company, call Social Cindy today at (772) 410 8108.


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