brain denton's lifestyle website

Brian Denton is a member of my BNI group, Business Builders of the Treasure Coast. We are proud to have him as a member. Why? Because he is a man of his word. Brian goes out of his way to make certain that deals close. He worked with my husband and I well in advance of our purchases to build a plan. Brian educated us on what our FICO scores should be in order to get the best loan program. We took his advice, began a program of paying down debt and our credit scores increased. 

Brian helped us figure out what payments would be comfortable for us, not just what we could qualify for. Sometimes you can qualify for a higher loan payment, but that doesn’t mean you should aim towards that payment. In our case it was important we have a payment significantly lower that what we could actually qualify for. We were still recovering from the fall of 2008 and didn’t want to be in a high risk position again.

Then Brian asked for our help. He wanted a way to keep in touch with all of his Real Estate Agents he works with up and down the East Coast, with referral partners and Clients, but he didn’t want to have a website that was just about mortgages. He wanted one that could be a resource for people not only from  our city of Vero Beach, but for people all over the country. So we built him one. And we think its going to be a fabulous resource.

Please take a moment to check out his site, and sign up for his blog so you can be a part of his conversation.