When I stand up at BNI and tell my team members that I write blogs for companies in order to boost their ranking on Google and other search engines, they just nod their heads and I know they still, after 5 years, have no idea what I am talking about. I think i must not be saying the right words. 

I would like to explain my version of blogging here. A blog, or a post, or a blog post, is a story. More like a short story for most of the sites I blog on. I could go into the history of blogs, but then I would once again see that glazed over look in your eyes, and I must tell you, that hurts my feeling just a little bit. I like to think that everything I say or write is met with awe and adoration, not blank stares.

For our purposes, from here on out, in this post, I shall refer to blogging and story telling.

I write stories for several different businesses. One is a cleaning company, a couple of them are Realtors, another is a Mortgage Banker, a plumber, an insurance company,  another is a service company for computer systems, and a massage therapist and I could go on, but I think you are getting the idea by now.

When I write stories for these companies, I write about different aspects of their services, I reference articles, or stories written by others which share information about their type of business. I also share stories of things they don’t necessarily offer as a service, but it can relate to what they offer. I try to use their blog to turn them into  a resource , where other business people can turn to for information which could help their business.

All the while using terms that will help companies find them on the internet. Because I am  co-owner of a social media and web design company, I am going to use those words in this story to help boost my own search visibility. Shameless plug I know.

There are people, like Ariana Huffington, who took the art of story telling, or blogging, and made it into a multi million dollar business. I don’t do those types of blogs right now. My focus is on search engine ranking. But I think with a name like Social Cindy there is a good chance I could change my focus a bit, and perhaps turn this blog into a monetized site.

So, what is a blog? A blog is a way to share information on the web, without having to be a journalist and work for a well-known publication. Its is a written way to share information and views, to showcase your talents. Some blogs are actually VLOGS, which means they are Video Blogs. Not much writing, but lots of Video and talking.

Anyone can start a blog. There are several free blogging platforms available, and YouTubes in the hundreds on how to create and maintain a blog.

Or, if you like the idea of having an informative blog on your website, then you can hire someone like me to write it for you. Some of my clients even write portions of their blogs and ask me to faill it in and post it for them.

Blog, story, posts, keywords, seach engines rankings and optimization. 

Social Cindy

see ya next time

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