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You are the best Real Estate agent  ever, or it could be that you are the best plumber ever, or the best mortgage guy, or the very best family law attorney. The BEST.  If you have thousands of dollars and your blog twice a day, every day and you post on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram regularly, you will someday rank for those words. Maybe, perhaps, but probably not.

So what can you do ? You can start by being specific. “Best Real Estate Agent in Irvine, Ca” or “Best Family Law Attorney in Palm Bay Florida“. Actually, proclaiming yourself “THE BEST” at anything can result in a law suit, so you may want to use best in other ways, and just proclaim your self Real Estate Agent, Vero Beach. You can even get more specific, like say, Condo Specialist Vero Beach. Leak Detection specialist, or child custody attorney, Orlando, FLorida. 

When you try to compete on a very broad search term, the competition for that term can be so high that trying to get your site to rank for it could take forever. Even though you may have great service and rave customer reviews, it won’t do much good if no one can find you.

So, start specific and move outwards from there. Another reason to be specific is this. The people searching for your business have learned to be specific. They have learned if they simply type Plumbers, they could get a wonderful plumber, but he or she is located in Chicago, and they aren’t. When performing searches for good s and services, users have caught on, and nor they type  the service they are looking for, followed by a specific geographic region. If you do the same thing, the chances of them finding your site go up exponentially.

It is also a great idea to use keywords in your website name. I now you are proud of your company name, but other than customers who are already familiar with your goods and services, no one will be searching for your company name. However, they probably will search for home builders Los Angeles

At Social-Cindy, we have found it’s also a good idea to purchase domain names with various keywords and point them all towards your website. Whenever a potential customer types in those search terms, your site is likely to pop up above the others who haven’t done this.


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