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In my BNI group, Glenn Haraldsen of Island Automotive always has a story about someone who brings a car in which is now very broken, and they are mystified. Why is my loyal car no longer able to get me from place to place? He just shakes his head is disbelief. Why does is he shake his head? Probably so that he won’t say what’s really on his mind.

Each week he has another story of a customer who just doesn’t get it. He tries. He gives us quizzes so when we get the answer right, we are then free to share our newfound knowledge with our children and families. For Example;

If you car’s engine light goes on, then you should do what?

  1.  Stop and call Glenn to come and get you
  2.  Keep driving 
  3. Keep driving and get to Glenn’s shop just in time for your car to die

The Answer is 1. Stop the car immediately. Always and don’t turn it back on. If you do that, there is a chance you won’t blow your engine.

If you drive your car for 16,000 miles and you never once change the oil or the oil filter, or add water you car will:

  1.   Run forever with no care and upkeep
  2.   Die a slow and terrible death because it can’t breath
  3.   Die a quicker death because it will overheat

The Answers are 2 and 3.

What happens when you have a website, and you never again look at it. You don’t update the photos, the address is wrong. You never back it up, nor do you ever post anything on your blog?

It’s kind of the same situation as never taking a few hours and a few bucks to take care of your car. The less you put into your website, the less you will get out of it. And if you hire people to build your site, say your cousin’s brother in law’s sons friend, don’t be surprised when you get a half done, wreck of a website.

In life, in cars, in your health and in your business, you get out only what you put it in.

Hire a professional to build you a site. And then hire a professional to keep that site pretty and performing well. 

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