social media , blogging, website promotion, search engine optimizationAre you looking to gain more visibility for your services and products? Have you been blogging and using your Facebook Page? Do you post clever and amusing things as well as buy my services stuff? Are you a resource for others, can they find useful information on your site and on your Facebook Page?

Those are all good questions to ask.

The next question to ask, and answer, is what do you know about advertising on Facebook? If you know you should, but don’t know how, there are You Tube videos that can teach you the basics. If that is too much for you to squeeze in to an already busy day, then you can hire someone, like me, to help you get things rolling, or even to run regular ads for your company.

Facebook Ads are great, but so are the Page Boosts. Those don’t cost very much, you can promote certain posts for as little as a few dollars a day. It’s a good idea to be very specific with the parameters for a post like that, so you don’t waste a small budget on market areas that don’t suit your geographical area. For instance, if you are simply trying to reach a larger audience, it’s a great idea to post a photo of an old appliance, or something from the 50’s or 60’s and ask people if they know what it is. You have gained some traffic to your page, and no one felt like you were trying to sell them something.

I have personally found that the more specific I get about who my audience is for each ad that I run, the better my results. If I just push something out without entering the interests of the people I hope to connect with and the geographic area I hope to show up in, then I still get lots of traffic, just not the local ones I might need for a certain tradesman. For me, I can do business anywhere in the United States, so I don’t need to be as specific about the location.

If you would like to learn more about using your Facebook Business page, message me on my Facebook Page, Social Cindy, or here on the site, or just give me a call.


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