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Everything that is old is new again.  We’ve all heard that phrase and it never more true than in business.  There is a sense of longing for the days of personalized customer service, attention to detail, and feeling cherished as a customer.  We are becoming more selective as customers and it has become harder to gain our trust and attention. People want to feel that companies understand their needs and they aren’t just pushing products.  This had created the following trends in business:

Video Is King

According to a recent Forbes study, video is becoming a critical source of information for executives:

  • More than 80% said they are watching more online videos today than they were a year ago.
  • Overall, 65% have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video.

Hubspot’s Consumer Behavior Survey confirms this trend. Over half (55%) of users say they consume an entire video, compared to 29% for blogs and 33% for interactive articles. If you want your entire message to be consumed, video tends to be the preferred medium.

Content Marketing Enhancing Exposure

Businesses are embracing content marketing to increase their exposure online. Small businesses are using the power of content marketing in the form of creative and attractive content. By creating fresh content on a regular basis to remain on top of the search engine results, thus reaching out to more and more people.

Specialized Experts

Companies used to hire a single person and assign him or her a range of different types of tasks. Have you ever heard of that saying, “jack of all trades and master of none”? Well, that’s what was happening. When one is trying to wear too many hats, something has to suffer.  However, this is no more the trend. Instead, companies want people who specialize in a certain task and can take the business forward with great strides when they have the power to become proficient in that particular task.  The perfect example is social media management or as we referenced earlier content management.  Establishing a department for your social media marketing may not be an option, but why not consider hiring a social media company? Outsourcing these specific tasks not only frees up your staff to do their original tasks but brings far more value to the table.

Elevated customer engagement

We have already seen a shift in how brands engage customers — in person and digitally. Customer engagement will continue to dominate as merchants move to a more digital-based business model. Relationships matter and we have forgotten that intimacy can exist in a digital environment through data, responses, and personalization.

When you own a small business and want to grow into a big business, it is important that you keep an eye on the major trends around you. It will help you take the important steps correctly and ensure that your business moves forward without much hassle.

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