What is your brand? Who is your target customer? What make your business different from the others who offer the same service?

When someone asks you those questions do you stare at them blankly, wondering what to say? Or do you serve up a list of canned answers and hope they get it? What if, before you ever call on another company, or attend another networking meeting, you actually sat down with a few of your best customers and asked them a few questions? They might give you some great information which you can use to start answering the questions I posed.

Everyone who owns a business wants people to know they are honest, they work hard, they deliver an above average product or service, but does everyone always do that? It is good to go out and ask. If you don’t like the answers you get, don’t get mad, take that information and make things better. If you do like the answers you get, try to  do more of what makes your customers happy in the first place.

I like to think that people do business with us because we do deliver a very good product, and we try our best to build something for every price range. The more money you can spend, the more powerful we can make your website and your blog, but no matter what you can afford, we deliver a product you can be proud of. That’s what our customers tell us, and we want them to keep feeling that way.

I am surprised when I talk to people about marketing their business and they aren’t able to give me anything specific about who their target customer is. It’s always a great way to break the ice and to help them figure out the type of customer that fits best with their products and services.  

It is also gratifying to hear people tell us time and time again, “Cindy and Bill, I just got a new customer today, and it’s because they saw my website and it looked better than all of my competitors. It was easy for them to see exactly what we do and they picked up the phone and called me !”

It is also disappointing to hear someone say, Gee Cindy, I would love to have a website, but I can’t afford it. These days working without a website is kind of like a carpenter trying to build a house without his tools. No matter how many great referrals people give for your goods and services, if those referrals can’t find you in Google, they are going to give their business to one of my customers who has that great looking website. 

So, take a moment, think about who your best customer is, take them out to lunch and have a chat. Then start answering those questions up above, and if you get stuck, give us a call, we can help

The Social Cindy staff!!

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