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Social Cindy is no different from any other company. We get really excited when people call because they’ve found us on the web. They saw our website, liked what it had to say, and called us up. That’s the whole point of having a website, right? So people will find your business and call you up and hire you!

This week I only had a few calls, some weeks are like that. Each and every person had an interesting story and I loved chatting with them. After explaining a little more about what we do, people will usually inquire about our prices for the different services we offer. That’s where things sometimes get a little tricky. We don’t have a one size fits all solution. What we have tried to do is analyze the prices points that people want to be at for different styles of websites and social media campaigns, and price our products firmly in the middle of those price ranges. 

Most of the time they have been frustrated enough by trying to build a website themselves, or by hiring some other web designer who never completed the job, that they have no issues with the prices of our websites. But when it comes to Social Media, they are at first excited by the prospect of handing that over to us. The fees we charge for our packages are often less than they currently pay for different types of advertising, and we are usually much more effective.

But after about 5 minutes, they start to think, well, I can do this myself. It’s not hard. I can save money. Sigh.

Here’s the thing. Social Media work done right, is really NOT all that easy. Posting something out is easy, finding the right balance for what to post, when to post it, how much to post and making professional and appealing posts, that’s not easy. It takes time, lots of thought, research and careful monitoring of the social media accounts. It costs money to purchase photos, it takes time to make up artwork, it can take hours of research to find all the information for blog posts which then get fed out to social media channels. And guess what? If you are running a succesful business, you don’t have the time, nor the mental energy to do it. 

I read a book by Chellie Campbell, The Wealthy Spirit. Chellie had been an accountant prior to becoming a motivational speaker and author. She felt that she should be able to do her own bookkeeping. But it was her job to write, to book seminars, to sell her product and to keep herself in good shape for her seminars and classes. She finally made the decision that although she COULD indeed do her own bookkeeping, it was not the highest and best use of her talents to do so.

She could make much more money doing what she had now chosen as her passion, and she could use her down time to rest, exercise, meet with friends and get re-inspired. So, business owners, future world leaders, rule breakers and world shakers, listen up.  You can do this stuff yourself, maybe. But you are going to be far more successful if you hire someone, hopefully me, to do it for you.

Social  Cindy, over and out

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