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Questions from Realtors:  “Hey social cindy, I am  moving to a different city and I want to take my website with me, can I?

Answer:  If it is indeed YOUR website, with a domain name you paid for, and hosting which you contracted for, yes, you can. One thing you will want to do is to purchase a second domain name which aligns more closely with your NEW city. A website which only talks about the properties and events in the old location won’t help much when you move.

What would actually be a good idea is, if you know ahead of time that you are going to me moving, purchase the new domain names, in advance,  build a new copy of your website which will show up in the new location, and give it time to get some momentum built up.

Then, by the time you move, you should be ranking on the search engines for the new website as well as the previous one. Don’t take down the old site, just have it point to the new one once you make the move.

Question two from Realtors: “Hey social cindy, how much should I blog in order to get my website moving up in the search engine rankings?”

Answer: The more the better. The best SEO for the buck is a blog with good keywords, the right categories and tags and good-looking photos. Testimonials from clients are essential. I am probably going to be proud of all your Realtor designations, but most people will not understand all of those letters, and some just think you’re bragging. No body likes a show off. Instead, write blog posts about some of your experiences. Don’t use people’s names, just write a story about your different experiences in real estate.

Question three from Realtors: ” If I don’t put all my years of experience and all of my qualifications on my home page, with a great big picture of myself, what do I use?”

That is a really good questions. I still believe a photo of yourself somewhere on the home page can be a good idea, But it is also very effective to have high quality images of some of your best listings on the front of your site. I was working on a website for a Realtor in Huntington Beach and she asked me to use photos of one of her listings on her site. I assumed she want to use an exterior photo and boy was I wrong. She said, “CINDY, kitchens and bathrooms sell real estate, the exteriors all look the same, take that down!!” and I did. 

Question four from Realtors: ” Can I use photos I took myself, on my phone, for my website?”

I have a confession to make. Some of my realtors are fantastic agents. They fight for the best deal for their sellers, they fight for their buyers, and work hard to service their listings, but they are terrible, awful, photographers. I am a terrible, awful, photographer. I am a little A.D.D. I almost always have three plates spinning at once and I multi task more than I should. Good photography requires patience, lighting and taking your time. Please, unless you are really an amateur photographer, have a professional take your listing photos. 


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