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Bill and I have a saying, “there are people who are technically proficient at building websites. There are web page designers who are very artistic and build beautiful websites. And the there is us.” We build some pretty nice websites, but more importantly, we build a site that won’t break the bank, it will be pleasing to look at, and it’s goal is to make your phone ring.

Now, a website all by itself doesn’t guarantee business. If you have 400 other business competing for the same market as you and you are the last one to get a website, you are going to have to do some work to get people’s attention.  Ordering a brand new website and never doing anything to drive traffic to it is like opening a brand new store and leaving off the sign on the front of the building. 

Part of our service and Website designers and builders is to help people design the best possible website. They don’t always listen to us, and when their website isn’t performing as they would like, they blame it on us. I guess that’s okay. If we simply ignored what they want and built a site that we know would work, then they could be mad because we ignored them. But at least thei site would work. Unfortunately, we can’t bring ourselves to do that. Instead, we try our very best to guide people, and to gently insist upon certain things, and then build the best site we can for them. 

When people who have commissioned sites by their friend, or son, or even some really fancy website company, and they call us up to say, this site isn’t doing anything, we look at it and give them some things we can easily tweak for them. Unless the site is really awful, we don’t tell people to throw it away and start over. Yes, we could make more money if we simply rebuilt their site, but there are other things to consider. If someone has spent money to have a site built, and it’s not totally awful, then why throw it away? Now, there are times when remodeling some sites is going to be so expensive that it might be a good idea to simply get a new one, but that doesn’t happen often.

It’s like on HGTV when Chip and Joanna gut a house and put it back together in an entirely new configuration and now it works. Sometimes it’s worth remodeling a WordPress Website that does not work. Every once in a while, it’s a better idea to tear the entire thing down, and just plain old start over.


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