Each week as I give my elevator speech in my weekly BNI group, I say some of these things as a way of letting people in the group in on how to refer businesses to me. I think sometimes they tune me out. I don’t blame them. To be successful, I need a catchier catchphrase methinks. But I do get excited when I read other people’s take on what I say each week.

Originally Posted by MELINDA EMERSON

“Proper planning will ensure that you will be around and thriving when 2017 hits. Here are 10 things you should take action on before 2017:

Update your website:
Your website is your #1 sales tool. What is going to be new about it in the new year? Your website is your marketing engine. It’s the best place to nurture relationships with new and existing customers. Think about what you want to accomplish in 2017. Then give your marketing copy a refresh in the New Year. Make a list of other changes that can be made quickly. You might not need a complete facelift. Try adding a new header graphic, free giveaway, or a video series. Add some testimonials from your latest client projects. Just make sure there something new to see and experience on your website. Give them content that helps them make a decision to work with your company.

Check-in with customers: Don’t wait until you’re chasing the current month’s sales goals to start making customer calls. Make a list and call 5 customers a day. You should send holiday cards, and if they’ve done significant business with you send a token of your appreciation. Be sure to check what the company policy is on gifts. Major companies such as Wal-Mart, do not allow gifts of any kind, so you don’t want to break any rules. When you contact your customers, invite them to do more business with you. If you are really close, ask if they’ll refer a new client or give insight on renewing your current contract. The magazine business is a perfect model for client follow-up. Long before your subscription expired, they were inviting you to renew. Make a list of clients that you can start calling to confirm business for 2017 today.

Get a New Headshot and Update Your Bio: I am sure you have new accomplishments to share, so it’s perfect to update your bio and put it on your about page on your website. Invest in a new professional headshot, and ladies be sure to hire a make-up artist too. You are the brand. Reinvigorate all your social profiles with a snazzy new headshot. Make sure your look like what you want to accomplish in 2017.

Make an Editorial Calendar: Don’t let online marketing content development stress you out. Get a jump-start on the new year by mapping out an editorial calendar at least for the first three months of the year. If you have a little quiet time over the holidays you can even start cranking out content or videos. As you are planning, look at what key marketing events will happen and during 2017. Are you releasing a new book or product? These are natural opportunities to pitch your product to potential clients via your blog content. Developing a content plan in advance will help you stay ahead of your content schedule so that you can manage peak times of year in your business. Be sure to put together a budget that will help you prepare to staff up for the help your need to develop, edit or promote your content in social media too.

Create a Social Media Contest: If you want to start a #revenue revolution in your business, you can never go wrong with giving a gift. Everybody loves FREE stuff, Right? A unique way to promote your business to create a giveaway contest. Choose a social media platform and develop a contest to engage your audience. Offer one of your own products or work with a major brand partner to provide amazing giveaways like I did for #12DaysofGiveaways. (By the way, It’s not too late to enter by the way Contest. It ends Dec 16th) Whether you are doing business online or off, a social media contest can create buzz about your business, help you build great relationships with major brands and drive traffic to your email list and your store.”

This is 2017. People are looking for your services. Billions of people are searching online for ideas, for jobs, for services, BILLIONS. Now, if you’re like me, you don’t need billions of customers, but a hundred or so might be nice. If they can’t find you, how are you going to get those customers? 

Let us help you with that. We are pretty good at it.

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