A week ago my friend Ted installed a Kangen water system in my home for me. I have wanted one for a while, but it took me a little bit of time to save up the money for the system. Finally, the time has come and it’s here, and I am so ready to do whatever I need to in order not to feel sick to my stomach pretty much all the time.

For a number of years now, all of my stress and anxiety have landed in my stomach. Some people get migraines, some get backaches, I get stomach aches. Bad ones. I take digestive enzymes and that helps a little, but this year the pain just kept getting more and more intense. This all came to a head in February of this year, when I got a really bad case of vertigo, followed by horrific gall bladder attacks, The pain was so bad I literally thought, this is it, I am going to die soon. The doctors just kept feeding me Prilosec, the little purple pill, and telling me that if the pain gets worse just take more of the pills. 

My physician finally sent me to physical therapy for vertigo, with Vicki Suplizio’s PT Company, and that got better. Then he sent me for a series of tests to figure out what was going on in my gut. It turns out that my gall bladder was a mess, I have some form of diverticulitis, and there is all manner of messed up things in my back. While none of this was good news, I had begun to think I was just some crazy hypochondriac, and it was a great relief to know I wasn’t just making up all this stuff. You see, people like to tell me that if I would just rest and not be so hyper and anxious, all these symptoms would go away. 

I had my gall bladder removed in the beginning of July. While the terrible, searing pains have subsided, there is a general, constant feeling of nausea that has not. It never feels like I digest anything I eat, and I still never know which foods are going to cause me pain. They say eat plenty of greens, well I do that and my stomach bloats up and I get sick. Don’t eat processed foods, well, I don’t often do that, but I have to tell you, they hurt less than the good stuff, to me. Still, I pretty much cook everything we eat from scratch. We work out of the house, so no trips to the drive-through for lunch or dinner. Salads, veggies, lean meat are the staples of our diet. Sometimes I can eat those yummy good foods, and other times all I can swallow is a half of a ham sandwich.

That’s enough background. My Kangen water system from Engagic has now been installed in my home for a full week. I drink only that water that I get from my machine. I will tell you that at first, I was NOT feeling better. But I understand, from when I was under the care of a homeopathic Doctor, that toxins build up in our system, and as we start to cleanse them out, often we will feel a little worse before we begin to feel better.

Last week my stomach was not doing so well, but I have stayed the course, and at the end of this first week, I am beginning to feel much better.

I want to learn more about how this waterworks, There is also a setting on it for beauty and medicine. I have been busy enough with work stuff so that I haven’t learned how to use all of the features, but I will, and then I will share with you.

Cindy Fletcher..

AKA Social Cindy