We will spare you the lecture about all the people who shed blood, and even gave up their lives, so we would have the right to vote.   You know that as well as we do.  Instead, let me suggest that even if this is not the election we had hoped for, it’s still important to go to the polls.  Bald Eagle and Flag

I will admit that this year I have seriously contemplated, for the first time, sitting this one out.  Why? 

Because none of the candidates in the presidential election meet my minimum moral and ethical standards for the job.  

Before you launch into a version of the “if you don’t vote for x, you will only be helping y,” let me assure you I have looked at that assertion from all sides too.  To everyone who has told me that, let me remind you that you are making the huge assumption that if I did vote for president, that I would cast my vote for your guy.   If you convince me to pick the lesser of two evils this year, there is an even chance that it will backfire on you.

OK, so why have I decided its important to vote.  Why aam I all fired up that we all need to vote.  That’s easy!  There are a lot of other issues and candidates on the ballot besides the presidential race.  I am determined that my voice be heard on those matters.  And, you should too.  Wise men and women tell me that the decisions made on a local level regularly affect my life much more than anything the president may do. 


So Lets Go Vote!