Very often these days we hear how social media, all forms of it, is bad for us. It isolates us, it spreads lies, people are often cruel with their comments and it seems most of us have lost our filter at least one in a while.

It was particularly challenging during this contentious election cycle that seemed to go on forever and ever. Even I, a great love of blogging and Facebook, was getting a little worn out from  all of the gunk that was being put out on the web.

For me, personally, social media has still been a great tool. It allows me to  help out the various charitable causes in our area. I personally run a campaign for Christmas Tree Sales for my Exchange Club in Vero Beach, and in the spring I help with the Sebastian Exchange Club’s Charity Fishing tournament. I wouldn’t be able to do things like this without social media.

It also keeps me connected. There are several people whom I only met in passing at local networking events, but through Facebook and Instagram, we have actually become friends in the real world. We meet for coffee and have a little lunch, back each other up on big projects and help promote each other’s businesses. 

I also get to see my cousins and their children and grandchildren. We moved to Vero Beach from southern California. I am terrible at keeping up with people via phone calls and letters. My life is pretty busy and when it’s not, I am a little tired. On Facebook, I get to admire an achievement, I get to celebrate an award, see a new baby or grand baby, and I get to pray for loved ones who are having health issues. And yes, if you ask me to pray on Facebook  for someone you love, when I say yes to your request, I then stop what I am doing and pray. If you don’t believe that helps people, that is your prerogative, but I believe prayer always helps in some way. 

If you use social media to spread lies and gossip, it may work for a while, but you will be found out sooner or later. I know during the election there was way too much content devoted to outright lies. I feel badly for the people who believed all of the nonsense, but I feel worse for those who are affected by it. In cases like these, social media is not as good a thing as we would have it be.

For me, it’s a tool. A tool for helping charities and businesses. A tool for keeping in touch with people, and for making new friends. So, at least for now, I say “yes” there are benefits to social media.

Over and out,

Social Cindy