marketing campaigns include print media, social media, blogginb, facebook campaignsMy partners build the Websites around here. Me, I work on Blog posts and Facebook campaigns.  I find it’s easier to inspire people to get a new website than hire me to work my Facebook Magic. I have a tough time convincing the owners of small businesses that Facebook Campaigns actually do work well.

The big companies know this is true because they have set aside money to use Facebook as a tool, and Twitter and Snapchat and now Instagram.  Their budget is huge, they have entire staffs of people devoted to posting and monitoring their Social Media Outlets. The companies I tend to work with are smaller, and they like to keep their advertising budgets low.  In facet, many of them use their advertising budgets for travel, not advertising.. Because of this my opportunities to impress them with stunning Facebook Ad Results are far less than I would like them to be.  The less money you invest in advertising, the more time it takes to get results.But people are starting to come around.

I know for a fact that when I run a Promotion, Ad Campaign or and Event on Facebook, it gets traffic. I get even more traction on local groups, when someone posts asking for a particular type of service. Then, when I run ad Ad campaign, people have already hear of whatever company I am promoting in an Organic way. They have a friendlier attitude towards that company because their first encounter with them was from trusted sources, not just an ad campaign.

You don’t just have to take my word for how well social media and Facebook work for your business. Andrew Hutchinson reported on this study by Facebook about what happens when people are planning their vacations:

“Researchers from The Social Network analyzed Facebook and Instagram data and commissioned GfK to survey 2,400 people ages 18–64 in the US who had booked a business or leisure trip in the last three months. Among their findings, Facebook discovered that:

  • When planning their last trip, 85% of travellers used a mobile device
  • 53% of travellers found holiday inspiration on Facebook
  • Travelers spent 5X more time on Facebook than on travel-related apps and sites in the planning process

The article contains a series of infographics that go on to show that many of these travelers who used Facebook and other social media avenues were inspired to go to certain destinations by photos and posts from Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. What is also interesting is many of these same people used mobile devices to book their travel plans. For my friend Kelly Bergstrom at AAA, our premier cruise planner, she might want to get them moving on an App for her!!


Cindy Fletcher

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