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I am lucky, I have some of the best customers a company could ask for. But sometimes they just make me shake my head in frustration.

This is an example. A customer hires me to do the very basic social media package. I do that, and because of who I am, I usually do a bit more. It starts to work. They get excited, and I ask them, shall we move up to the next level. Three out of five will say no, it’s working just fine. Or, they say, gosh, you got me so much new business, I think I will hold off for a while. Sometimes they decide what I do is so easy that they should take it over themselves.

Six months later, when the phone isn’t ringing as often, they come back. Those who had too much business are now a little worried about cash flow. Those who were going to take it over themselves, and didn’t keep it up, are now coming back. I truly try to make them understand that social media is cumulative. The more you do, consistently and persistently, the more search engine power you have. The less you do, the less power your internet presence has.

It’s like starting a fitness routine. You begin to eat better, stay away from sweets and the processed food. You start working out, walking, hiking, biking and your clothes fit better, you sleep better, you just feel better. What happens when you stop?

Take the reverse, you start a fitness routine, you do well, you look better, and feel better. So you think, hey I like this, and instead of slacking off, you kick it up a notch. Now you feel even better, your life is changing in ways you hadn’t anticipated, and new things are opening up as if by magic.

Which is the better of the two options?

In the meantime, to get back to my customers, guess what happened while you were away? Your competitor noticed that the work I did for them was making your phone ring, and they hired make their phone ring. You can hire me once again, I can work for both of you, but you will be six months behind them in social media activity..

Remember, no matter how many times google changes its algorithms, the one significant fact is they want to see who is really committed to their internet presence. The less committed you are, the lower you will probably rank.

Cindy Fletcher