marketing campaigns include print media, social media, blogginb, facebook campaigns

At, we view your website as the ultimate destination for those companies looking for your services. We sprinkle in some social media to help guide them there, and voila, your phone is ringing.

Since we first began in the website and social media arena, the way search engines view you as an entity have come around to our way of thinking.

SEO used to be the one tool that every web developer insisted  your site needed to get you ranking on the search engines. We have clients who have tight budgets and limited resources, so we use blogs and Facebook to drive traffic, and it has worked well. Google seems to have noticed, and in many of the ranking programs we run to determine how to adjust what we do for our customers, the usage of social media and blogging on a regular basis seems to be in important criteria these days.

What are you doing to promote your website? Are you blogging regularly? Using Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn to drive traffic. And don’t forget about print mail as well.

Here in Vero Beach, and in our old stomping grounds, ( where we still have clients),Orange County, Ca there are plenty of people who are technology averse. They shut off their computer and don’t bring it back up until they have a project to work on. How are you reaching those people?

Print media in conjunction with social media is the very best way to get max coverage .

We have “partners” who work with us and we can help you put together a cohesive campaign.!, over and out

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