A Facebook Conversation about how to get your site to rank in Google.

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A friend of mine, Audra Wrightson, is an amazing interior designer. I used her to stage my home in California for sale, and it got more showings in two days, after her staging, than it had received in several weeks.
She is a great designer, and above that, she is efficient, patient, and has great taste. Audra was wondering aloud on Facebook how to drive more traffic to her website.

Several business owners chimed in and all gave great advice. Bil Minor told her to get a Yelp account going. Now, for me, I have had more calls from clients who have been SLAMMED on a Yelp review, with no way to push it down. I won’t go into great detail here about how I feel on that subject, it could land me in hot water.

Let’s just say that I advise my clients to steer clear of Yelp. “Be careful with Yelp..one disgruntled customer and you never get it off. For my customers, making sure their URL is the same as their type of business is one of the keys. The General Contractors who came to us, (there are several) had no Google Visibility until we used new URL’S for their domain name. URL”S such as customhomebuilder.com, versus Joe Smith the Builder.com.
It is also important to blog. Pick a lazy Sunday afternoon, write five 200 word blogs and schedule them to go out at least once a week. You can also pre-load Facebook posts which can push out several times a month.
On top of that, set up your blog to automatically feed out the various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Google+, Mashable, LinkedIn. This keeps my clients on the top of the search engines and their phones ringing..

The Advice from Mark Cherney, of Music Man Events was: “Blog.. Blog.. And blog.. And when you blog make sure your keywords are in your blog title and the link. Also make sure to link back to your site using using your keywords. My blog posts get indexed within 20 minutes of posting and show up on the first page within 2 days. Its fairly easy to do and I blog once maybe twice a week when I’m home watching TV.”
Video is a great thing to have on your website to increase search engine rankings, professional videos are great but don’t let that stop you from posting videos. If you can afford one, get a GoPro, if you can’, use your phone. Just make certain that it’s not a video of you stammering for something to say. Rehearse a little, take several videos, and post the one which is most entertaining and informative.

Bottom line, get a website, use the website, and your phone will ring.

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