Website Do’s and Don’ts

There is a post on Forbes Magazine’s site which talks about understanding the full impact of Web Design.  The Author made some very good points. As we build and maintain Websites for businesses from coast to coast, I feel we are also qualified to speak on this issue.

At, we get calls from people who have someone else build them a really beautiful website, (not that we don’t, we do).They have been charged several thousand dollars for said site, plus a six month agreement for SEO. But their site doesn’t generate business!! In fact some of their sites don’t even show up when you search for the name of the Business!!

Just like in any industry, there are charlatans in ours. They give all of us a bad name, which we then have to struggle to overcome. It comes with the territory I guess. Once we get into their WordPress sites, work our magic, and start pushing out blog posts, those same sites will rise rapidly in search engines.

I want to take a moment here and explain why we are different from some of the other Website Builders out in the Web Universe. First of all, we appreciate the aesthetics of a clean, uncluttered, easy to read site. Secondly, we have experience in Marketing and sales. We KNOW that most people will want to pick up the phone and CALL you, so we feature your phone number prominently in the upper right hand side of the site.  Third, WE know that the purpose of a website is to get people to contact the company. It is NOT their purpose to tell them about every single thing you do. Fourth, we know that pretty photos are nice to look at, but Google is not human, without embedding keywords into those pretty photos, all a search engine knows is that it is a photo. It helps your site, not one bit, in search engine rankings!

Another point we make with businesses that task us with building their sites. Be proud of your company name, but use keywords as your URL. Unless someone knows you personally, they aren’t searching for YOU or YOUR BUSINESS. They are searching for great dentists, a top notch CPA, and a bang up landscaping company, not you.

And listen, if you have your nephew build you a site for nothing, then you will probably get that same amount of traffic, nothing. If you have a site built and you don’t do anything with it, you won’t get anything for results. It’s like opening a store on a street with no name, back in an alley. How are people supposed to find you?

We have also had our fellow BNI members tell us they have recommended the services of a fellow business owner, only to have the potential customer call them back and say, man, that guy’s website is bad. I don’t feel comfortable doing business with that guy. There is no way to track business YOU DON’T GET FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

We also know the importance of properly branding your business, and your site. We are going to discuss that in subsequent posts, and hopefully get some expert advice on the subject for you. So keep checking in!!

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