social media company vero beach, social media company orange countyYou can have the most beautiful, elegant website, with wonderful photos, and it sits there, doing nothing. On the other hand, you can have the plainest, most visually unappealing website, full of too many words, and it rises to the top of Google every time. Why is that?

Google doesn’t really know what your beautiful photos are all about. If you use those photos to portray a picture of your work, if people find the site, they will be impressed. Most will not find it. You need words. Search engines are using words to index your site, to tell people what you are all about. You can remedy this somewhat by imbedding words in your photos. People searching the site won’t see those words, but Google will, and it will help.

As for the unappealing site, chock full of words. People will find it alright, but they won’t stay on the site. They will not be able to see how you feel about your work, to experience the beauty of it, they will land on the site, then move away to another one they find more visually appealing.

How do I know all this? Mostly from experience, but also from the performance measuring tools which are available on the internet. They all rate websites based upon content and social media interaction, and weigh heavily on blog posts.

I also know that when we first launch a new site, we tend to load up a few weeks worth of blog posts, and our sites tend to appear right away in Google. Once we hand them over, we offer our services for social media and blogging, some take us up on it, some don’t. Those who do will continue to rank high in search engines, those who don’t tend to move down in search engine rankings.

So, please, take one day a month, purchase some interesting photos that demonstrate your point, and blog!!

Or hire us, either way, use your blog!!

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