Post three in the series. Facebook and Social Media not only works for people, it works for man’s best friend just as well. Although most of us enjoy a cute puppy or kitty post every so often, this post was a little more serious in tone. 

It is a photo of  two dogs in a shelter, just hours away from being put to sleep, who were just showing each other some love at a bad time. The dogs, Kala and Keira, were photographed hugging each other in a cage at an unnamed shelter. In the photo,  Kala’s brown front legs and paws are in a tight embrace around Keira’s neck. Both dogs appear pensive and fearful, as if they know what’s coming.

On Monday Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, an Atlanta-area nonprofit that works to save dogs and cats from being euthanized in shelters , posted the picture on it’s Facebook page.  “If you’ve ever wanted to foster but just couldn’t quite decide, now is the time to say YES!!”

The photo immediately went viral, garnering thousands of shares and likes. It also yielded results. Just two hours after the photo was posted to Facebook, Angels Among Us said the dogs had been rescued and had left the shelter, on their way to see a vet and then on to a foster home.

A second, happier photo of Kala and Keira is now making it’s rounds on social media.

Angels amongs us new-dog-picture