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We write and curate posts for companies from the West Coast to the East. Sometimes we write original posts, with keywords, sometimes there are new sources who have posted information relevant to our customers’ businesses and we quote those sources.  Either way, there are times in our posting meetings where we can feel like we are just plain out of ideas. When we have those days, sometimes we go out and take a look at what our competitor’s are posting, and take our cues from them.

At other times, we just throw in a post that may seem a bit random because it is not loaded with pertinent keywords, it is simply interesting. People seem to like those just as much as the normal blog posts.

Why? Well, we think one of the reasons is people don’t want to think that you are only blogging to try and sell them your service or product. They are hoping that you are trying to be inclusive, that you are writing to entertain, to inform, to provide them with something that may help to make their lives easier.

That is what we strive to do on the blogs we write for our companies. We do want to boost the internet rankings of the sites we blog for, that’s true. But we also want the blogs we write to be interesting and entertaining.  Our customers have let us know on more that one occasion that it is because of the style and feel of their website, and the content on the blogs we write for them, that have encouraged customers to do business with them.

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