Cindy Thinking (640x430)Social Cindy discovered Social Media in 2007. I had never dreamed that it would become the focus of my life and my career. But here I am !! I am the type of person, who, once I embrace something, shares up a storm, quite enthusiastically I might say. And once I discovered what Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets could do I have whole heartedly embraced them as a way to help businesses and charitable causes.

The disheartening part is how much I have to work sometimes to show others, particularly business owners, how effective these social tools are for enhancing their businesses, websites and personal causes. The lovely part of this conversion to social media is upon finally giving me a chance, my customers will come up to me after a few weeks and enthusiastically tell me, for all to hear, how much their business has benefitted from the Websites and Social Media work that has done for them. It makes me happy from my head to my toes to have people like Capt. Ryan Dean with Final Point Charters tell me every time I see him, that the site we built for him has revolutionized his business. To have Carole Melasi, owner of Riverside Cleaning Services come to BNI each week and testify as to how she got another new customer that week from a call off Facebook or her site.

So this month, I am not going to blog about my own success stories, rather I want to give examples of examples which show how social media changed or saved lives for the people who use it.



Cindy Fletcher

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