best website designer verobeach, best website designer Dana Point, Best Website designer, IrvineBill Fletcher, the Website guy at, just built  new sites for local Vero Beach and Orange County Realtors. Over the next few months, if these two realtors actually use the sites the way they are intended to be used, they should get more leads than they have ever dreamed of from these well-built sites. And for our sakes, we really hope they do.

I was training one of the realtors last week, and he asked me a legitimate question that took me a moment to reply to. You see, I know the power of the typed word out on the net. Unless something is causing a problem for you, I would never, not ever , delete a blog post. I had a client call me the other day to let me know that a site I had worked on for him four years ago is still coming up in Google Searches, and that is because of those four year old blog posts.

I told Steve that in my opinion,it would not be a good idea to delete his sold listings from the site, rather, post a sold sign on that particular listing. If someone is performing a search on Google that matches the description of that particular property, it will still show up, bringing a link to his site, but it will show as sold. New listings on a realtor site are good, but for someone getting ready to list their home, seeing lots of sold signs on the listing pages is also good. They will see that this realtor SELLS his listings!!

Use your blog, leave older posts on your site, remember to use categories, tags and alt text to help people find your content. Get great photos to illustrate your talking points and then leave it alone to gather power and momentum over time.

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