My partner @social-cindy builds some amazing websites, mobile enhanced, gorgeous to look at, filled with all the smart SEO tricks he has learned over the years. Before we even hand these new sites off to our customers, many of them are ranking on page 1 of Google. We write several blog posts and load them up in advance, we make certain to put plenty of embedded keywords into the photos. And then…crickets. We offer our services, they politely decline, let me train them on how to post a blog, how to maintain their site, and then….nothing.

With each site we build, we also build Facebook pages, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest or Houzz pages. Clients are most apt to use those to post out newly completed projects, and we are pleased when they do that. But it’s not the best way to use social media. The best way is to POST ON YOUR BLOG, and then let the blog push out the information to your social media outlets. That way you will cause people who are interested in what you are posting about to VISIT YOUR WEBSITE!!

Those visits cause your Google rankings to rise. It also shows all of the search engines that you take your marketing efforts seriously, and thus they give you a higher level of visibility. Another thing to remember is that your blogs live o your site forever! They just sit there and every time someone performs a keyword search that pulls that post up into the search engines, it gets more Google Juice.  Making a contribution to your overall search engine power.

So Please, people, post all of your cool announcements on your blog and let your social media pages LINK to them. Please.

Spread the word.