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I have some clients who testify each week, at both my BNI meeting, and my husband’s BNI meeting, that they get leads and closed business from the work that either Social Cindy performs, or the client themselves perform on various social media platforms and their blog.

And yet, week after week, we build beautiful, mobile websites for new clients, and we train them on how to update and maintain their sites. Most of those people, who have invested good money, will neither hire us to perform social media, nor will they do it themselves as they say they will.

It’s okay. Because I know it works, and I know that people sometimes have a hard time believing in social media, I will keep putting out the message, and sooner or later, those clients will sign up for some form of social media support. Persistence and consistence.

I remember when some of the big boys in business, and most of the people I work with, snickered behind their hands at Facebook going public, and developing a profit making strategy. Facebook is just a place where our kids used to go, and now their Mom’s and Grandma’s go, to waste time. It’s okay, go ahead a snicker. But take just a moment to pay attention to what I am writing here.

Facebook Ad campaigns WORK. They generate leads for Realtors, they generate new business for the Cleaning service and the Landscaper. The Plumber who posts regularly, who also happens to be a great plumber, not only got new business, he and his wife managed to be voted BEST plumber in our local area. The Facebook parties are replacing the in home parties where people sell products to friends and family all over the United States!!  Facebook is not simply a waste of time.

Local realtors, custom builders, landscape designers, architects are all flocking to Houzz. I told them about it three years ago, but they didn’t listen. I guess when a social media/website person tells you that you need to use this tool, it’s kind of like a Realtor telling you to make an offer quick, because inventory is tight and homes are selling fast and for multiple offers. No one believes us right away, even though we are telling the truth. They have to lose out on a few houses before they learn..

I got so excited one day when I was in a great store here in Vero Beach. Vero Beach has quite a few winter only residents; they are called “snowbirds”. For years local businesses would pull in their oars during the summer months because those snowbirds tend to leave by the end of April, beginning of May, and don’t return until October/November. And all their disposable income goes with them.

Anyway, I digress. The owner of the store saw my business card and asked what I did for work. I told her that we build websites and support them with social media. She was very enthusiastic about social media and promptly informed me that although many of her customers do leave for the summer months, they continue to order her furniture and accessories online. Because she keeps in touch with them through email campaigns, Facebook and Twitter…

I am going to keep putting out the message, doing a fine job for those clients of mine who get it, and sooner or later, the rest of my website clients will join in. And then I will be looking for good people to hire because I will be so busy!!


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