mobile responsive website design.For the past 7 years we have built a number of WordPress Websites, from very simple blog style sites, to more elaborate sites. Our sites are built to perform well in the search engine rankings, they look good, are visually pleasing, and in general the wording is easy to understand. Now we are also helping business owners to be visible on mobile devices by either upgrading their sites to mobile responsive themes, or building entirely new mobile responsive sites.

Even before Google announced they will start giving some preference to sites which are mobile responsive, we realized that people have been using their smart phones and tablets to find the services they need. Gone are the days when one is tethered to a desktop or laptop.

Take a look at your own site on your smart phone. Does it show up properly? Is your site working for you?  Your website is supposed to make you money, and if it isn’t, you need to change what you are doing. Do you have all the right keywords embedded in your blog posts? Do you have categories and tags that reflect what your ideal customer is searching for? And let me give you a hint, it’s not the name of your business, in fact, we don’t recommend that your website necessarily be the name of your business, rather it should be the description of what your business does.

Mobile responsive sites, a good, consistent social media campaign, and business is knocking at your door. Just ask Carole Melasi @ Riverside Cleaning Services.

Social Cindy, over and out.

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