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We tell our clients to please put testimonials on their websites. But do we? I have been so busy working on everyone else’s social media, blogs and new sites that this note has been recurring on my Outlook Calendar for months.

Social Cindy and her team are busy building new social media profiles for customers, fixing broken WordPress websites, building new mobile enhanced websites, using the power of the blog to enhance existing customers’ Web search presence. Today, we take our own advice, we post some of our testimonials!

Here you go:


From Aileen Brazeau :” The website you built for me is beautiful and it works very well. Cindy, I love the blog posts and Facebook posts you do for me every month. Thank you, thank you social cindy!”

Carole Melasi Owner of Riverside Cleaning Services: ” Bill and Cindy built me a site that I am quite proud of. I get calls every single week inquiring about my services. The site has done more than paid for itself. I have had more than one customer call and congratulate me on it. In fact, one of my customers was driving back to Florida for the winter and she didn’t have my contact information in her phone, so she took a chance and looked up Riverside Cleaning Services on her smart phone. Not only did she get my phone number, she was delighted with all the great blog posts, cleaning hints and recipes. Thank you Bill and Cindy! ”

Captain Ryan Dean of Sebastian Inlet Charter: ” I was not fully convinced that a website would do everything you promised. BUT IT HAS !! I get several charters each week from  my  website, People call me from all over the country. The complement me on the website and then they book a fishing trip. I can’t thank you enough.”

John Cowger Owns Designer Concrete, he also has sites for his Hawaiian Wall Art and Epoxy Floor Coatings. I think he likes what we do, we are now building his second website and in 2015 we  will build him one for his Concrete business.   Each time I see him he has a great story to tell about a new customer who found him through one of his sites, built by

Bill Kriener, Sebastian Insurance:” I want to thank social-cindy for four pieces of closed business this week. I consistently get calls from the website that Bill built for us. Thank you”

Carol Vaziri Decor Accents:” My son built our wordpress website, but got a little stumped by a problem he ran into. I called Bill and he had it fixed in short order and our website was back up and running. Thanks social-cindy”

Rick Young, Crab E Bill’s The Eatery: “Social-Cindy built a personal Facebook page for me, and a business Facebook Page. I always doubted this social media stuff, but I am now a believer. I cannot tell you how quickly my customers and potential customers became engaged with our little Eatery on social Media!! I am recommending the owner of Crab E Bill’s have social cindy do some web and social media work for them as well..”

Steve Vance, Advanced Plumbing:”Cindy did a great job setting up my social media, and the website that Bill and Sam built for me generates calls each and every week. I always get complements on how beautiful my website is. Thanks social cindy crew!!”

Over and out, from Cindy, Bill, Sam, Valentina, Alexis