What makes your company unique? Why would someone do business with your company instead of your competitor? Who is your target customer? Do you have more than one type of customer?

Those are all difficult questions to answer. I struggle with that one myself. I certainly know why I think my company is unique, but can I put it into words that will convey that uniqueness to someone else? Sometimes it helps to enlist the help of a trained marketing professional, or a business coach. There are special qualities about ourselves that we take for granted, we think, that’s not so special, everyone can do it. But it’s not necessarily the case.

Point of Differentiation:  What Makes You Different?

Lets talk about my partner, Bill. Anybody with some tenacity can build a WordPress Website. There are some very simple templates one can use to set up a basic website in a matter of a few hours. The problem is those websites LOOK like they were built in a few hours, and they don’t show your company in a professional light.

Bill has learned how to build sites with the right tools, that he inserts behind the scenes, to make the sites he builds show up on Google.

He is also an artist, so left to his own devices will literally spend hours making sure the photos he puts on your site, are visually captivating. Of course, he is building those sites for a customer, so those visually stunning photos are sometimes removed, at their request, and replaced by a snapshot of the office, or the family dog. It doesn’t matter, what matters is the site works. And by works he means, it makes the phone ring and drives business to your door.

Many of the sites he builds will begin to rank on Google search engines even before he completes them. I would tell a prospective customer this. Bill will tell them that his sites will make their phone ring. In the end, no matter what business Bill is in, it is the heart that he puts into everything he does that makes our social-cindy websites work better. He never just does what he has to, he always does more. And then once he turns the site over to our customers, once he is “done”, he will still check their performance on the various search engines. He will check on the sites, and make certain they work properly.

What is it that makes YOUR company and service unique?

WordPress Website Maintenance Plan