Social media, vero beach,Orange county, sebastian, melbourne, palm bayI am a member of a local BNI chapter in Sebastian Florida. My husband and partner is a member of the Vero Beach BNI Chapter. When we relocated here from South Orange County we began preaching the gospel of Web and Social Media. While most of our members were polite and welcoming, they were not sure this whole Web thing  was necessary. Many of them had some form of website already, and even though they had knowledge of social media outlets, getting them to understand and accept the value of social media was even tougher. We would get comments like,

“Oh I was on Facebook, I HATE Facebook, never use it, it’s terrible”.

It was easy to feel discouraged, but then a funny thing happened. One by one they started to understand. And it was not because of anything we said, it was potential customers and referrals asking for their website, and their Facebook pages. Suddenly it was them coming up to us saying, “when can you get this thing done for me ? I need a good Website and a Facebook page”. That was music to our ears.

Some people just want to sell you a website, or social media program. We want to help people to grow their business.  At Social Cindy, it’s not just about selling you something, that’s just not how we roll. In fact for some business owners, building a whole new site it too expensive, so there are times when we just patch up, and pretty up their old site until they get enough new business come in and then  have us build them a new one.

We believe in this stuff, and we know it can work. Now our customers are seeing that it does. They call us to  tell us about new customers who found them on Google. They tell us about customers who said outright that the reason they chose their company over another was because of the quality of the website. People w

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ho have lost touch with them will go out and do a Google Search for their company, and actually stop to read the blog posts, and get excited.

Social Cindy herself knows it works. I got three calls this week off my website. I asked people how they found me, and they paused for a moment and said, I googled social media and your site came up. I think they were a bit bemused by that question, but keep in mind, we are both in referral groups, so we like to give the people who refer us business credit where credit is due.

If you could use some help with your social media or website, builds websites in Orange County, in Sacramento, in Vero Beach, Sebastian, Melbourne and pretty much anywhere else in the USA. And we do it because we love it.

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