mobile responsive website design.Cell phones and apps are often the butt of jokes about cancer and how obsessive we have all become about them. Study after study seeks to alarm us about the harm these devices can do to us. For a change I found a post that shows how cell phones can actually help us and those we love.

Taken from USA today:

Genes in Space

Speaking of awesome, scientists who have devoted their lives to cancer research efforts have an absolutely unbelievable mound of data to sift through in order to better understand the disease, and too few human eyes to actually study it. That’s where you and your smartphone come in.

App Genes in Space gets you searching for a cancer cure in the guise of mobile gaming. The game is similar to Space Invaders, but while you navigate through on-screen asteroids and other hazards, you’re actually helping to uncover cancer’s genetic secrets … and pave the way for new cures.

But how does this help beat cancer? It’s actually simpler than you might think: The game translates cancer research data into the objects and space dust you see flying past your ship. As you collect the valuable material to complete your goals, you’re actually highlighting genetic data that scientists can use as they battle for a cure back here in reality.

The game was dreamed up by Cancer Research UK, and it’s 100% free on both Android and iOS.  ”

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