Riverside Cleaning Services, Inc, of Vero Beach cleans my house for me each and every Monday. I love Carole, Andrew and Loretta and Kristeana and Crystal. These are people who truly take pride in what they do. They care about their work, and they care about the people they do the work for. I am so lucky to have them. In turn I do their social media and blogging.

I also do social media and blog posting for Aloha Home Health Care, for Valhealing, for Aileen Brazeau of San Clemente, for Valentina Boonstra of Valhealing, for Sebastian Insurance, and several others. While I do my best to promote these clients services, I find that not being involved in the every day work life of those companies leaves me out of the loop just a bit. So I ask the companies I work for to please try and contribute some daily events and photos of their own.

The combination of promotional material that I post, conversational material and the real life events they post all work together to create a a more meaningful web presence.


social cindy over and out !!

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